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Technological Reports
and Publications on Steel

Durability Assessment of Various Kinds of Construction Materials by Means of Long-term Exposure Tests

The Committee on Overseas Market Promotion of JISF has published an English-version technical report titled “Durability Assessment of Various Kinds of Construction Materials by Means of Long-term Exposure Tests.”
The Research Group on Corrosion Protection and Durability of Offshore Steel Structures of JISF, jointly with the Public Works Research Institute, a public research organ, had conducted long-term exposure tests for 28 types of construction materials since 1982 at two different testing sites at Okinotorishima (19 years of exposure) and the Marine Engineering Research Facility in Suruga Bay (24 years of exposure) to assess the durability of these construction materials.

Okinotorishima is located at the southernmost tip of Japan in a tropical zone where temperatures and humidity are high, and radiation is also high. Further the tidal current and wave height are also high and the island is constantly subjected to seawater splashing. Thus, the corrosion environment at Okinotorishima is far stricter than that in the peripheral sea areas of Japan.

Meanwhile, in order to assess the long-term durability in the peripheral sea areas of Japan, the offshore atmospheric exposure tests were conducted employing identical construction materials in Suruga Bay located on the main island of Japan in parallel with testing at Okinotorishima.

The report makes a comparison of exposure test results between these two different corrosion environments provides useful data pertaining to the durability of various types of steel and other metallic materials and coated/sprayed/lined/painted corrosion-resistant structural members to be applied in tropical and other severe offshore environments.

Steel Construction Technologies in Japan

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) has prepared a list of reference materials on steel construction technologies in Japan.
In order to contribute toward wider applications of Japanese steel construction technologies overseas, JISF has prepared the reference material in answer to the request of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which briefly introduces 27 kinds of steel construction technologies and steel products for construction widely applied in Japan in the field of building construction and civil engineering.

These technologies and products are conducive to improving the functions of buildings, port/harbor facilities and other infrastructures and demonstrate their application effect in disaster prevention.

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