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Profile of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) was established in November 1948. In November 2001, it was completely reorganized through consolidation with the Kozai Club and the Japan Iron & Steel Exporters' Association. The JISF is a nationwide representative body of the Japanese steel industry and its members consist of the country's major iron and steel producers, trading companies, and organizations engaged in steel distribution.

Steel is a basic material indispensable for industrial development and the improvement of people's lives. It is also one of Japan's most important exports. The JISF contributes to the sound growth of the national economy and promotes international cooperation by taking on challenges from the overall standpoint of the Japanese steel industry. To these ends, the JISF carries out extensive activities that include compiling statistics and conducting research and studies on steel production, demand and distribution; promoting the development and diffusion of new technologies for steel production and products; addressing environmental issues; improving and streamlining work and management conditions; enhancing standardization and promoting fair steel trade.


The Japan Iron and Steel Federation was founded -- after the dissolution of the Tekko Tosei Kai (Steel Control Association) and the various transitions that followed -- as a private research institution to carry out comprehensive studies of the steel industry.
The JISF was created in November 1948 by the merger of the Nihon Tekko Kai (Japan Steel Association) and the Nihon Tekko Keieisha Renmei (Japan Steel Industry Employers' Federation), a research institute focused on labor problems in the steel industry. The Kozai Club was established in 1947 as an organization descended from the Kozai Konwa Kai (Steel Products Association) and the Sentetsu Konwa Kai (Pig Iron Association) and was consolidated with the Japan Galvanized Iron Steel Association in March 2001. Meanwhile, the Japan Iron & Steel Exporters' Association, which was founded in 1953, was consolidated with the Japan Galvanized Iron Sheet Exporters Association in April 2001. In November 2001, the JISF, the Kozai Club and the Japan Iron & Steel Exporters' Association were consolidated into one organization to make a fresh start as a new JISF.

The JISF's Objectives and Summary of Activities

The JISF's primary objectives are to promote the sound production, distribution, consumption and trade of steel products, thereby contributing to the development of the Japanese economy and the improvement of people's lives. To attain these objectives, the JISF carries out the following activities.

  1. Research and studies on steel production, distribution, trade and consumption
  2. Promotion of the development, improvement and diffusion of steel-related technologies
  3. Research and studies on steel-related environmental and safety issues and promotion of relevant measures
  4. Research and studies on the improvement and streamlining of steel-related work and management conditions
  5. Promotion of steel-related standardization
  6. Acceleration of steel transaction streamlining
  7. Promotion of measures for developing steel trade
  8. Collection and provision of steel-related information
  9. Expressing and offering opinions and producing reports on steel-related matters to the government and relevant organizations
  10. Other activities necessary for the attainment of the JISF's objectives

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