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Technologies Customized List

Japanese steel industry is tackling with energy saving and CO2 reduction since 1970s by implementing various energy saving technologies. As a result, energy saving potential of the Japanese steel industry is the lowest in the world. Besides promoting domestic energy saving activities, Japanese steel industry aims to contribute to global energy saving and CO2 reduction by diffusing Japanese superior technologies to the world.

As one of the global energy saving activities, the Japan Iron and Steel Federation engages in the development of Technologies Customized List. Under the public and private cooperation with the partner countries/regions, experts from both parties select the energy saving technologies suitable for partner countries. Experts also examine energy saving effect, operation cost, environmental benefits, co-benefits etc. Technologies Customized List contains Technologies one-by-one sheet, which includes detailed technological description for each technology. Supplier information is also available so that users may directly contact to them and obtain more detailed information.

Technologies Customized List version 1 for Indian steel industry was authorized in February 2013 under the Public and Private Collaborative Meeting between India and Japanese Iron and Steel Industry (Chair: Mr. Hiroyuki Tezuka, JFE Steel Corporation). The newest version is Technologies Customized List version 3 shared in February 2017, with 19 technologies for energy saving and 16 technologies for environmental protection.

For ASEAN steel industry, Technologies Customized List version 1 for ASEAN steel industry was established in November 2014 as an activity under ASEAN-Japan Steel Initiative (AJSI), which was updated to Technologies Customized List version 2 for ASEAN steel industry in September 2016. The list contains 33 technologies regarding energy saving and environmental protection.

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